Indulge in the luxury of fit-for-kings-and-queens five star hotels and lodges. Camp in a tree-top house overlooking the wilderness, look out over Lake Kariba from a private balcony, or bath in sunlight inside a luxurious safari tent.
Luxury Hotels
Browse our hand picked selection of world class luxury hotels in Zimbabwe's finest cities. Experience charm, splendour, and of course the warm hospitality of the Zimbabwe people.
Safari Camps in Zimbabwe
These aren't just any tents... experience camping Zimbabwe style! Nothing will get you closer to nature than a Safari Camp.
Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe
Experience Zimbabwe in the heart of the wilderness, from the comfort of an exclusive and luxurious safari lodge. Uniquely decorated and bursting with culture and style, a safari lodge is a top choice for any visitor.
House Boats and Cruisers in Zimbabwe
Wake up to the unmistakable cry of the fish eagle, the gentle, persistent grunting of hippos, or soak up the sight of a breathtaking sunrise over the still water... all this from your own private boat, just imagine!
Country Resorts & Inns
Set in the heart of Zimbabwe's most beautiful areas, and with plenty to do, Leisure Resorts are the ideal choice for families, couples & individuals alike. Cosy Country Inns with warm welcomes also await you when you come to stay in Zimbabwe.
City Hotels
City hotels can provide the perfect stopover to simply refresh or enjoy an overnight stay before continuing on your journey through Zimbabwe. There is plenty to do and see in Zimbabwe's major cities so be sure to explore whilst you are there.
Mobile Tented Camps
Browse our selection of fully backed up safaris guided by professional guides. These camps are mobile camps i.e. leave nothing but footprints when you depart.
Guest Houses - Zimbabwe
Enjoy a traditional homely comfort, in the wonderfully new, exotic setting of Zimbabwe.