Botanical Gardens

Zimbabwe's main Botanical Garden is The National Herbarium and Botanic Garden in Harare which is a center for research and information on the indigenous plants of Zimbabwe. There are however lots of smaller botanical gardens which you may also encounter.

Botanical Gardens & Reserves in Zimbabwe

The Vumba Botanical Gardens and Reserve
Enjoy the scenic mountain surroundings and the refreshing atmosphere of the Eastern Highlands as you wlk among the lush gardens of The Vumba Botanical Gardens and Reserve. more
Ewanrigg Botanical Garden
Ewanrigg Botanical Garden is noted for its wide collection of indigenous and exotic plants and is one of the world's largest aloe and cycad gardens. It has a calm and peaceful environment, scenic views and wide variety of plant species. more
National Herbarium and Botanic Garden
The 58-hectare National Botanic Gardens contain examples of the diverse plant life that thrive in Harare's pleasant climate. Most Zimbabwean species are represented, as well as specimens from Southern Africa. It's a great place to spend the day. One can walk one's dog, have a light meal in the restaurant and generally enjoy the situation. more