Recreational Parks

There are many Recreational Parks in Zimbabwe, from the mystical Chinhoyi Caves to a wide range of dams, waterfalls & lakes with spectaular bird-watching and fishing opportunities.

Recreational Parks in Zimbabwe

Chinhoyi Caves
The Chinhoyi Caves consist of a system of tunnels, dark caverns & sunlit pools. Explore The Wonder Hole, a large collapsed cavern whose walls drop vertically down into the depths of the unbelievably blue and crystal clear Sleeping Pool. more
Lake Chivero
Lake Chivero Recreational Park is located just outside of Harare, the nation's capital. This 16km long lake is a paradise for wildlife and also has a great variety of birdlife. There are plenty of activities here including Fishing, Watersports, Game Walks, Horse Riding & Crocodile Viewing. more
Osborne Dam
Tucked away from the typical geomorphology of the Eastern Highlands of rolling moorlands, high altitude heath, trout- filled sparkling river waters and lush green undulating slopes, lies a resort of different stamina, the Osborne Dam Recreational Park.The dam, the biggest in Manicaland on the western foot of Mount Jenya, in Mutasa communal lands, is a scenic gem and a tourist attraction that can h more
Lake Manyame
Lake Manyame is one of the best angling environments in the world. Challenge the staggering Bass fishing record of 18,4 pounds, experience stunning and breathtaking views of the lake from the dam wall and picnic sites, try out a variety of water sports or enjoy bird watching in this peaceful and tranquil environment. more
Kuimba Shiri Bird Park
Kuimba Shiri Bird Park is situated on the shores of Lake Chivero, in a National Park boasting over 460 species of indigenous birds in the wild. Established over 20 years ago Kuimba Shiri Bird Park is the only bird park in Zimbabwe and is home to orphaned, injured and abandoned birds. more