Lake Kariba & Lower Zambezi

Lake Kariba & The Lower Zambezi is a special place of incredible beauty. The scenery also makes it a photographer's paradise. A visit to Lake Kariba & the wondrous National Parks that surround it are highly recommended.

Where To Go

Mana Pools National Park
Mana Pools is the ideal place to get close to nature. It is a truly remote park, far from any major town or human settlement. The national park is home to magnificent and enormous elephants that return year after year to the same places and are well known to the locals in the area. more
Lake Kariba
Lake Kariba is a special place of incredible beauty that is a nature lover's dream. The scenery at this African holiday spot also makes it a photographer's paradise. A visit to Lake Kariba is highly recommended. It is a most relaxing form of holiday. more
Matusadona National Park
The Matusadona National Park is one of the Zambezi valley's wildlife and wilderness treasures. Remote, rugged and accessible only by air charter, 4 x 4 or boat, this wonderful park encompasses Lake Kariba's most beautiful assets. more
Kariba Dam Wall
Kariba is a town on the shore of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Lake Kariba is a great place to fish and enjoy the wild life that visit the shores of the worlds largest man made lake. more

What To Do

An area of unsurpassed beauty, Sapi and Chewore Safari area offers abundant wildlife viewing opportunities, superb fishing and photographic safari activities. This is also a hunting area however most visitors come here for the some of the finest fresh water fishing opportunities available in Africa. more
The Doma Safari Area is a little-known, but very attractive area situated mostly on the edge of the magnificent Zambezi valley escarpment adjoining the southern extremity of the Chewore Safari Area. It boasts some spectacular countryside and diverse wildlife, providing real safari experiences. more