Southeastern Zimbabwe

Southeastern Zimbabwe is an area of rugged and beautiful landscapes. Whilst the northern part is mainly an industrial mineral-rich area, the southern part is home to the red hills of Gonarezhou National Park and The Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

Where To Go

Gweru (formerly Gwelo until 1982) is a city near the centre of Zimbabwe. It has a population of about 150,000, making it the fifth largest city in the nation. more
Gonarezhou National Park
"Gonarezhou" meaning "Place of many Elephants" is an extremely scenic Park full of rugged and beautiful landscapes. Three major rivers - The Save, Runde and Mwenezi - cut their courses through the Park, forming pools and natural oases from which hundreds of species of birds, wildlife and fish gather to feed and drink. more
The home of the architectural magnificence of the Great Zimbabwe, The national monument from which the country takes its name. It is the oldest colonial settlement in Zimbabwe, and grew up around the encampment established in 1890 by the Pioneer Column. Even the very first cricket match in Zimbabwe is said to have taken place in Masvingo. more

What To Do

Antelope Park
Antelope Park is Zimbabwe’s Premier Private Wildlife Park and attracts guests from all over the world. Its range of accommodation and quality facilities make it the perfect destination for holiday makers, conferences, educational school trips, romantic get-aways, team building or leadership camps and day trips. more
Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Meaning ''great house of stone'' Great Zimbabwe Monument gives its name to the country and also its national symbol, the Zimbabwe Bird, the original gold artifacts of which were found within the Great Zimbabwe ruins. more
Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve
Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is set on 124 000 acres of wilderness in the southern corner of Zimbabwe, bordering the Gonarezhou National Park. It is a spectacularly diverse and beautiful piece of Africa, boasting geological diversity, habitat variability and a wide variety of plant and animal species. more