The Zambezi Trader

The Zambezi Trader is a luxury passenger ship situated on one of Africa’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Kariba on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It's waters provide enthusiasts with phenomenal fishing with its southern shore offering stunning savannah wilderness teaming with magnificent game, from frisky impala to the indomitable elephant.The ship is ideal for wedding celebrations & conferences or just gathering of friends & family.

About The Zambezi Trader

The Zambezi Trader house boat is 160ft long and can accommodate 50 passengers in 2 four berth family cabins, 16 1st class twin cabins with en-suite bathrooms and 5 luxury spacious cabins situated on the top deck. The core concept behind the design of the boat was to allow as much fresh air and natural light in as possible. As a result guests can relax and enjoy the comfort of the spacious public areas whilst experiencing the lake to its full potential.

The Zambezi Trader is perfect for Conferences & Events, Day Cruises, Group Holidays, Joint Ventures, Transfers and Weddings & Celebrations.

The Zambezi Trader composes of twin steel catamaran hulls 3 decks on top. The ship is powered by two 200hp Diesel marine Cummins engines.  A-deck has 16 en suite twin cabins, 3 public bathrooms, the galley, a large cold room and the two generator rooms. From front to back B-deck comprises of a pool/sun deck, a expansive lounge/bar/dance floor area, two x 4 sleeper family bunk cabins, a double en suite cabin, a conference room, the scullery and a dining saloon with two exquisite protruding 12 seated verandas. C-deck is where our 5 luxury double en suite cabins all with their own private balconies are located and a large open air sundowner deck with a bar. The wheelhouse is situated on  D-deck.


Executive & Honeymoon Suites
Situated at the back of C-deck, these will be the Traders pride and joy. Both having exceptionally large private entertainment verandas and cabins each with their very own bar. The honeymoon suit will have a spacious and exclusive bathroom with a splendid bath overlooking everything Kariba has to offer.

Passenger Cabins
The A deck is the main passenger deck consisting of 16 stylishly decorated twin cabins each with an en-suite bathroom. Two large windows allow the passengers to enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking scenery whilst in the comfort of their cabins. Both windows have screens which keep the mosquitoes at bay while still allowing the cool lake air in.

Family Cabins
The family cabins sleep a maximum of four people which are ideal for children or teenagers.

Bunk Cabins
The bunk cabins sleep a maximum of four people which are ideal for children or teenagers.


Most of our activities occur on the Matusadona national park, which is teaming with wildlife including elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, an abundance of various antelope and an exceptional variety of bird life. The healthy population of the endangered Black Rhino are situated in the Rhino point area.

Lion, leopard, hyena and other predators occur in good numbers throughout the park although they are not frequently seen from the shore line. There have
also been isolated reports of cheetah over the years - a small population was reintroduced in 1995.

From the Boat
Water based game viewing from one of our tender boats. Viewing game from the water is an unforgettable experience. Unwind in comfortable surroundings while watching animals coming to drink from the lake or grazing by the shore line. Buffalo are especially prominent and herds of up to 400 strong often congregate along the shoreline in the dry season, in the Bumi area. (Tender Boats - under construction)

Tiger and bream fishing
Lake Kariba is territory to the renowned tiger fish that can reach up to 15kg in weight. It is such a popular sport that there is an international tiger-fishing tournament annually at Charara.

Game Walks
The best way to experience Matusadona is on a walking safari.  These can be arranged with experienced qualified guides by special arrangement in advance.
Bird watching
Over 250 species have been recorded. The fish eagle is common along the lakeshore where it makes use of the dead trees as nesting sites. Most parts of the lakeshore have conspicuous populations of grey herons, goliath herons, great white herons and saddle billed storks. Plovers, waders and geese are generally abundant and there are notable populations of osprey, woolly-necked storks, open-billed storks, white-winged plovers and red-winged pratincoles. There are several large colonies of darters and reed cormorants within the tree lines, and at least one colony of white-breasted cormorants has appeared recently.

Sun downer cocktails on C-deck
Give spectacular elevated panoramic views of golden fast changing sun sets, to start the evening. C-deck also provides other recreational options ie. Darts, board games, deck courts, swing ball.

Dance on B-deck’s bar/lounge dance floor
Our top quality disco system with a wide variety of music to suite your taste will ensure the best party ever in an awesome atmosphere.   

Sun deck with pool
The sun deck right at the front of the ship with it’s infinity pool is the perfect spot with a panoramic view and ever changing scenery is the perfect place to catch a tan and sip a cocktail while cruising.

Star Gazing
There is practically no light pollution on Lake Kariba, consequently a moon less night on the roof of the Trader provides the ideal place to loose your self in the magic of our universe.